Our Constitution is the governing document of our organisation. It covers all the important stuff about how we ought to function.

It has 11 sections, including:

  1. Interpretation – defines terms within the constitution & how it’s interpreted
  2. Object – outlines the Department’s purposes
  3. Membership – outlines who’s a member of the Department
  4. Structure – outlines how the Department works
  5. The Collective – outlines how the Collective works including meeting procedures, notice requirements, & what obligations the Collective is owed by the Officer
  6. The Committee – outlines powers and responsibilities of the Committee including the Disabilities Officer, the Deputies, the Publicity Officer, & the Secretary
  7. Elections, Removal, & Censure – fairly self explanatory, outlines how the DSA elects, removes, and censures DSA office-bearers
  8. Finance – outlines requirements regarding the presentation & amendment of the budget, how the Department spends money, and the appointment of trustees
  9. Policies – outlines procedure regarding the introduction, amendment, or repeal of policies including the Safer Spaces Policy & the Roles Policy
  10. Abolishing the Department – outlines necessary steps to abolish the Department
  11. Amendments to the Constitution – outlines requirements and procedures around changing the constitution

You can find a Word Document copy of the DSA Constitution here at:

If any of this seems obtuse or unclear, please contact the Officer for clarification at