ANUSA Elections

Elections for the ANU Students’ Association (ANUSA) happen in Term 3 every year. ANUSA is the representative body for undergraduate students, and student representatives play an important part in shaping the ANU. You will eligible to vote for the Executive (President, VP, Treasurer, Education Officer, Social Officer & General Secretary), College Representatives (for the Academic Colleges you study in), General Representatives, and NUS delegates. ANUSA have some role descriptions on their website.

Since 2016, you are able to vote online in the ANUSA elections. You will sent a link to a website where you can vote 24/7 during the election period.

Due to the DSA’s advocacy in 2016, electoral regulations now state campaigning is not allowed in areas of the university – includes parts of Union Court. Here’s a map of the no-campaign zone. You are also able to obtain ‘opt-out’ items (lanyards) that when worn mean that campaigners will not be able to campaign at you regardless of where you are.

If you would like to report inappropriate behaviour during the election, you can email the ANUSA Probity Officers who are impartial team of students who keep the elections running smoothly. The 2016 Probity Officers produced a number of graphics on common electoral offences which you access here.