About us

The 2018 DSA Officer Amy at the DSA’s Market Day Stall in O-week

The ANU Disabilities Student Association (or just DSA) is for all ANU students who identify as having a disability. What does disability mean? It’s actually a pretty wide term, and includes; physical disability, mental illness, dyslexia, being neurodivergent (Autism/ADHD), chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders (lupus, alopecia), food allergies and many many more.

The DSA is a group run for students with disabilities, by students with disabilities. We aim to build up an awesome community, raise the profile of disability, and advocate for structural change at the ANU. 

We have our own autonomous space, run weekly events (like Casual Coffee & Crafternoons), as well as community meetings where we discuss the issues that matter to you.  So if you identify, come join the coolest community around and get involved!






The DSA used to be known as ‘ANU Disabilities’, and was started in 2005 by a passionate group of students with disability. In 2006, it became an ANUSA Department and got its very first Officers – Terri Warner & Carol Whitman. In their first year they started a conference, and held the very first Collective meetings. From there, the DSA has had a number of awesome Officers like Rishi Gulati (a human rights lawyer) and Huy Nguyen (founder of Enabled Development). In 2012, ANU Disabilities rebooted and launched its first major campaign – Spoon Week – under the leadership of Chris Karas & Becca Randall. ANU Disabilities’s membership grew, and in 2013 the name was changed to the ANU Disabilities Student Association.